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BCSAVE only accepts owner surrenders from within Texas.

If you have a Border Collie or Border Collie Mix you want to surrender to BCSAVE, fill out our contact form.

Every dog presents a unique challenge to a volunteer in-home foster based rescue and requires we place the new dog in a home which not only meets the dog’s individual needs, but also those of the foster and their existing household and lifestyle.

While we wish we could take in Border Collies from every request, the reality is that we are not always able to make a good match and find an appropriate foster home.

BCSAVE is unable to take in stray or found dogs.  

Lost dogs can travel for miles around.  Even with flyers and neighborhood apps, dog owners of lost dogs may never find out that their dog has been found. 

Since county and city shelters are the number one location most people look for a lost dog, it is our recommendation that you contact them in the event that a lost or stray dog is found.

If you do take a Border Collie to a shelter, please contact us and let us know which shelter, any intake number, ID they assign the dog, and anything you know about the dog’s behavior.  That way, we can follow the dog and begin looking for a foster for them once they are off of the shelter’s stray hold.

BCSAVE prioritizes adaptors who can travel to North and Central Texas.

We rescue most of our pups from shelters and owner surrenders in Texas, but we do adopt out of state at the adopter’s additional expense.

Out of state adoptions are dependent on travel restrictions at the time of adoption, including flight and COVID related restrictions. 

As of August 2020, our Board is prioritizing applicants who can travel to either Dallas/ Fort Worth or Austin to meet and greet and potentially adopt a dog. 

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