Why They Get Abandoned


Border Collie puppies are often impulse buys. There is not a much cuter (or badder) puppy than a Border Collie pup. Consequently, many people are simply not prepared for the fact that they are not like other dogs and that they need to interact with the dog a lot. Along the same lines, many people think they have what it takes to live with a Border Collie, and in the end, they are wholly unprepared for the life-changing experience it is. Border Collies are sometimes turned in for behavioral issues; almost always, these dogs are the victims of benign neglect and with training and attention, their behavioral issues disappear. In the end, about 80% of the dogs are in rescue because their humans fail them (by choice).

Where They Come From

Our dogs come from all over. Many of these dogs are turned over to animal shelters through no fault of their own, often because their previous owners found themselves unable to handle the challenges Border Collies offer. Other times, owners will reach out to us to surrender their dog because changes in their lives left them unable to properly care for their dogs. We often work with other rescues who are wanting to transfer their Border Collies to a breed-specific rescue such as ours to give the Border Collie a better chance at a forever home. Lastly, we have a network of volunteers that reach out to us if they find a Border Collie in need and hope to avoid placing a dog into a shelter by bringing to us. 

Whatever the reason, we will do what we can to either bring the dog into our rescue or help place it with another partner rescue who can help. 

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