Adoption Process

Adoption Process

Step 1: Application to Adopt

Please download the Application to Adopt form, save it locally, then email the completed application to:

Step 2: Phone Interview

Once we receive your Application to Adopt, we will contact you and schedule a phone interview (please give us 3-5 days to review your application and reach out to you). This will allow us to get a better idea of what you are looking for and help us match you with the right Border Collie.

Step 3: Home Visit

After the application and phone interview, we will schedule a home visit. This will allow us to verify the information provided and make sure each Border Collie we adopt out is going to a suitable home.

Forms and Agreements

We ares working on finishing this form.  Please start with the Application to Adopt and we will email any additional forms and contracts we need to finalize an adoption.

We ask our adopters to fill in and sign a Media Waiver Agreement which allows Border Collie Save & Rescue to use all photos, videos, name, stories, likeness, and media of the an adopted dog on our web site and in our promotional materials.

We ares working on finishing this form.   In the meantime, if required, we will email this agreement to you.

Coming Soon!
It is the standard policy of Border Collie Save & Rescue to spay or neuter all dogs that come through the rescue.  Occasionally we may run into a situation where we adopt out a dog who has yet to be spayed or neutered (typically only very young puppies and some  sporting/working dogs).  In these cases, BCSAVE will require a Spay & Neuter Contract to be signed by the adopter agreeing to have the dog spayed or neutered by a specified date.

We ares working on finishing this form.   In the meantime, if required, we will email this agreement to you.


Step 4: Find Your Dog

Although many people are not sure of the dog they want when they start the adoption process, we encourage you to not wait until the "perfect" dog comes along before you start the process. Submitting an application early allows us to help you find a dog that will best fit your unique lifestyle, and it will speed up the entire process of getting a dog to you once the right one has been found.

Step 5: Bring Your Dog Home

Once we have everything approved and the right dog selected, we will work with you to arrange getting the dog to you. Please ask us if you need any assistance or advice in bringing a new dog into your household and we will try and help in any way that we can.

Step 6: Keep In Touch!

We hope that our relationship with the adopter does not end at the adoption. We love updates, stories, braggings, tales, yarns, sagas, shenanigans, photos, and videos of all of our former rescue pups in their new furever homes with their new people. Tag us on social media, link to our website and Facebook page, or send us tweets and Snapchats. We love it all!

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