Know yourself. Don’t accept your dog’s admiration as conclusive evidence that you are wonderful.
     -Ann Landers

Border Collie Save & Rescue is an all volunteer organization which depends on our volunteers to help us fulfill our mission.  

 (Heart warming sales pitch goes here!)

Please let us know how you want to help.  

Types of Volunteers

Border Collie Save & Rescue regularly attends events to increase awareness of our rescue, allow people to meet our dogs, and to raise funds.  

We would love to have you come out and join us for the fun! 

BCSAVE events are primarily held in the Dallas, Fort Worth, and Austin Texas areas. 

Border Collie Save & Rescue  is always seeking to establish new relationships with potential adopters, fosters, volunteers, shelters, sponsors, donors, partners,  and other community partners.

 Let us know if you would like to help us reach out!

Before every adoption, Border Collie Save & Rescue performs a site visit to verify the contents of the application and interview.  Adopters come from all over and, as we are an all volunteer organization, scheduling can sometimes be difficult or take longer than we would care for.  The majority of site visits will be in Texas. 

The more people we have who can visits sites, the better!

Sometimes either the intake of new Border Collies or the adoption of our current ones cannot occur within the areas we have volunteers.  In order to get dogs to their destinations in a cost effective manner, we often utilize a series of volunteers who will each transport them a short leg of a longer journey.  We also work with other rescues to help transport their dogs and help us with ours.

Come and be a part of our transportation fleet!

Do you have a skill or a talent or a specific area of interest and want to provide that to our rescue? Contact us and let’s talk about how we can work together!


Border Collie Save & Rescue relies on a cadre of volunteers to assist us in our activities. From attending events and manning our booth or table, to marketing our rescue and dogs, to conducting home visits and moving dogs between fosters and adopters – our volunteers do it all. 

And everybody can help in some way. We work with each volunteer to identify the ways YOU want to help, and are grateful for any assistance of any sort you can give. 

Want to help out? Let us know what you want to do.       

Volunteer Application

It takes a village...       
          ...come join our village.
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