Age: 7 mo (as of 10/19)
Sex: Female (Not yet spayed)
Coat: Brown and white Semi-Rough Coat
Weight: 24 lbs

Activity Level: Puppy
Good with Other Dogs: Yes
Good with Cats: Yes
Good with Children: Yes

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Piper is a 7 month old BC mix puppy (maybe Weimaraner but without the size?). A gorgeous chocolate color with just the hint of white socks and tail tip, Piper was rescued with her mother, Kira, after her three siblings were all adopted out and she was at risk of being put to sleep. BCSAVE couldn’t let that happen, so we saved both Piper and her mother, Kira and brought them into rescue.

Piper is a sweet-natured pup who loves to snuggle after a long day of wrestling in the yard. She loves running and her toys, and gets along great with dogs, cats, kids, and adults! She is a small, lean girl at 24 lbs, and while she may get taller, we do not expect her to get much thicker. She is crate, leash and house-trained, and loves nothing more than to cuddle with her nose tucked under your chin (or folded in half next to you in the chair).

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