Age: 3 mo. old (as of 1/20)
Sex: Female (Not yet spayed)
Coat: Black and white rough coat
Weight: 16 lbs

Activity Level: PUPPY
Good with Other Dogs: Yes
Good with Cats: Unknown
Good with Children: Yes

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Ursa is a purebred Border Collie puppy who came to us courtesy of a breeder who felt she didn’t have enough white on her to be marketable. That was okay with us, because even with just a little bit of white, Ursa definitely has all the cuteness of a Border Collie! Unfortunately, Ursa came to us with a little bit of a limp and upon a visit to the vet, is currently in a splint and being treated for a possible fracture and/or bone infection. That doesn’t keep Uras form being all puppy all the time, though. A sweet, fluffy bundle of joy, Ursa will remain in foster care at least until mid-February to ensure her bone heals properly, though interested applicants can put in an application today. In addition, Ursa will be adopted with a spay contract that requires her to be spayed within a specific time frame.


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