Adoption Process


To all of our applicants:

Over the last several months, we have received a record number of applicants interested in adopting from BCSAVE. Our applicants have come from all across the United States. As one of the few Border Collie rescues that we are aware of that adopts outside of our home state of Texas, we are honored that so many of you have chosen us to possibly help you find your next best friend. In addition to dozens of applicants, we have seen a decrease in dogs coming into the rescue and both of these things have made it extremely challenging to rehome our pups in the best way possible. Lastly, COVID has upended our ability to coordinate out of state transports due to various restrictions and quarantine rules for crossing state lines.

As a result, our Board has met and decided that effective August 20, 2020, in order for us to best focus our limited volunteer resources and time on finding homes for as many of our pups as possible, we are prioritizing adopters who can come to either the Dallas/ Fort Worth or Austin Texas areas to meet our pups and finalize adoptions locally

We do not want to discourage any applicants. If you are able to travel to Texas to adopt, please let us know. If you are not able to travel at this time but would like to continue with the application process and once approved, be placed on a “Pending” list, let us know that as well. Our ability to coordinate transportation to adopters outside of the North and Central Texas areas should become much easier as COVID restrictions begin to lift. 

Thank you for your understanding and patience. We understand that this may not be what everyone wants to hear but at this time, it is the best way for us to be able to assist our dogs with the limited resources we have. 

Step 1: Application to Adopt

Please fill out the form below to submit your application to Border Collie Save & Resuce.

Step 2: Phone Interview

Once we receive your Application to Adopt, we will contact you and schedule a phone interview (please give us 7-14 days to review your application and reach out to you). This will allow us to get a better idea of what you are looking for and help us match you with the right Border Collie.

Step 3: Home Visit

After the application and phone interview, we will schedule a home visit. This will allow us to verify the information provided and make sure each Border Collie we adopt out is going to a suitable home.

Adoption Application

You can also download a PDF version of the application:
Application to Adopt
Save it locally, then email the completed application to:


Step 4: Find Your Dog

Although many people are not sure of the dog they want when they start the adoption process, we encourage you to not wait until the "perfect" dog comes along before you start the process. Submitting an application early allows us to help you find a dog that will best fit your unique personality and lifestyle, and it will speed up the entire process of getting a dog to you once the right one has been found.

Step 5: Bring Your Dog Home

Once we have everything approved and the right dog selected, we will work with you to arrange getting the dog to you. Please ask us if you need any assistance or advice in bringing a new dog into your household and we will try and help in any way that we can.

Adoption Fee: $300 for puppies under 6 months, $100 for seniors over 8 years or with known medical issues, and $250 for all other adoptions (plus any negotiated transportation costs, as applicable)

Step 6: Keep In Touch!

We hope that our relationship with the adopter does not end at the adoption. We love updates, stories, braggings, tales, yarns, sagas, shenanigans, photos, and videos of all of our former rescue pups in their new furever homes with their new people. Tag us on social media, link to our website and Facebook page, or send us tweets and Snapchats. We love it all!

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