Ace is a 8 year old purebred Border Collie who came from a breeder/ rancher. Ace was a working dog, herding cattle and siring several litters of puppies. He began to get soft on the cattle, not herding the way he should, so his owner wanted to retire Ace and work with a rescue to find him a FURever home where he could become a house pet and enjoy the comforts of life.

Initially, Ace was very hesitant around new people. He actually escaped from his temporary foster in Austin immediately after coming into rescue. We were able to find and capture him with the help of a wonderful volunteer trapping group and moved him to a foster with some land where he could acclimate to a new life in a home situation similar to where he came from. He was moved later to a more suburban family to see how he would do, but he opened the front door and escaped again for two weeks. We were only able to catch him when we did because it began to storm one day, and he found refuge in someone’s garage, who contacted us.

Since that time, he has become a lot friendlier with people and really enjoys the company of other dogs. He is engaging more and more with both dogs and his foster, and loves to sleep next to his foster mom on the bed with his head tucked next to her arm. He still is learning to trust people but he has a great recall if he trusts you and will come when called. He is likely going to remain a moderately active dog who will do good with another pup to play with, or would probably make a great walking partner for someone who is willing to put a little bit of work into getting him fully acclimated on the leash, and he rides like a champ. He will need a fenced yard as he will run away initially if left alone, and is smart enough to figure out how to open doors with latches so his new home will need to be very diligent about ensuring he is secure until he feels comfortable and safe. He’s not the snuggliest or cuddliest pup, but he is loyal and loving once he knows he’s safe and home.



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