Age: 1 yr old
Sex: Female (Spayed)
Coat: Black and white semi-rough coat
Weight: 37 lbs

Addie was an approximately 1 yr old, Border Collie mix girl. Addie came to BCSAVE as an owner surrender to a college girl with a penchant for strays and parents who could say “no”, and we’re glad she did, because this little girl stole our hearts! At 37 lbs, she was a little thick, but with her high energy level, was getting into fighting shape quick! Addie was just as eager to run around outside as she was to jump into bed and snuggle. She went for a weekend visit with a potential adopter and all of them (especially the kids) fell in love and didn’t want to let her go. So – she stayed and made it her FURever home!



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