Asher is one of four Border Collie/ Aussie mixes rescued from the shelter. Nine dogs in total were surrendered from the same owner, and BCSAVE took four (while two other rescues took the rest). All of the dogs were very shy and timid at the shelter, but warmed up once in foster homes.

A gorgeous merle with no tail, Asher looks all Aussie with one partially blue eye. Asher takes a little longer to warm up then the younger pups he came in with, and is an escape artist who can jump 4′ fences and baby gates to chase the cows and the donkeys. but has got really good recall and comes right back when called. He also loves to play with the other pups and especially loves his person, following her around the house and sitting nicely in front of his foster to get pet. Asher also LOVES the water and will run down to the pond for a quick dip during the day before coming back to see what his person is doing. At six years old, Asher has a medium-high energy level though he easily relaxes with a bone while his foster is watching TV. Asher also has a more passive personality who would rather walk away then engage if another dog growls at him. He’s house-trained and can walk on leash, though he needs a little coaxing.



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