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Beans (aka Red Beans) is a purebred 3 yr old, 42 lb HIGH drive dog who was surrendered to BCSAVE by his owners in Louisiana. They realized that Beans was a very high energy dog and they were not equipped to provide him the mental and physical stimulation he needed. A friendly, outgoing boy, Beans is also unfortunately heartworm positive. Beans joined our sport foster program, where he combined learning about disc, dock, agility and other house and pup training with going through fast kill heartworm treatment.

As of mid-August, he has completed his heartworm treatment. He will need to be tested again in six months to ensure the heartworms are all gone, but as of now, is free from any activity restrictions and is getting active again. His foster says the following about Beans:

“He really is such a good boy, and his drive for disc has come such a long way since he got here! He hasn’t been able to do much recently due to as just getting off of crate rest this week. But he brings the disc all the way back now and is super speedy with his return too! He doesn’t like to tug discs or tug toys but he loves fetching and could do it all day!

Since completing his HW treatment, he’s become pretty selective around certain dogs, maybe because they are intact. He’s great around puppies as long as there isn’t anything high value around!

He does resource guard from dogs. He went after another dog once over a closed airtight dog food container. Since knowing he resource guards, we’ve been able to manage it really well with no communal bones/chews and making sure food bins are in a separate room and it’s worked great.

His food drive has come a long way too! He’s super enthusiastic to work for his meals and learn new tricks using food now. We’ve been working on luring spins, down and some rear end awareness exercises.

He has a great off switch and loves cuddling in bed with us. I love that about him! We have a dock pool rental this week and we’ll finally get to see if he enjoys swimming and would be a good dock diving prospect!”

Beans will ONLY be adopted to a family that can provide him with enough physical *and* mental stimulation. He will likely do well in sports, tricks, maybe even search and rescue or other working field. If you are interested in learning more about Beans, let us know and we’ll connect you with his foster to see if Beans is a good fit or not!



How do I apply to adopt?

Fill our our Adoption Application at https://bcsave.org/apply/#adopt to apply.

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