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Betsy joined BCSAVE via a small shelter in rural Oklahoma. She had been found as a stray and dropped off at the shelter, where we were able to pull her. Upon her release and transfer to a foster, we realized that she was very pregnant. In addition to being pregnant, Betsy was diagnosed with Ehrlichiosis, a tick borne disease. Since she was pregnant and about to pop, we opted not to treat her (a heavy dose of antibiotics for usually 30 days) since she would be nursing and as long as she remained healthy otherwise. Betsy had 8 beautiful pups on the 4th of July, all of whom have been adopted, and her Ehrlichiosis has resolved.

Now that Betsy is no longer a pregnant/nursing mama, her temperament is definitely high energy. Betsy is probably a Border/ Aussie mix, about 51 lbs, tall and solidly built. She can jump 7-8 ft up and easily clears lower fences. She is very strong and as a large dog, might best be best suited for barn hunt or trail running (rather than agility, though she has the hops). She is extremely smart and learns quickly and loves to roam and run, so is best suited for a super active household with space she can burn off excess energy when her people are done for the day. She gets along great with all other dogs and people, and is house-trained. She is good-natured but she is very powerful and strong and wants to play and be physical, and her sheer size, composition and strength can be overpowering for some.

Betsy’s ideal home would be a home with lots of space and activity, and tall fences to keep her contained. She does not need to be in a home with small children as her strength and size may overwhelm them. Let us know if Betsy sounds like the perfect dog for you!



How do I apply to adopt?

Fill our our Adoption Application at https://bcsave.org/apply/#adopt to apply.

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