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My name is Billy, my fosters call me Silly Billy and, they call me Billy Bones because when I came here, I was very thin. I had heartworms and wasn’t very healthy at all. My fur was dull and filthy, with lots of mats that were painful. I was a bit of a mess health wise, but with some love and care I am a handsome hunk. Animal control in the county picked me up and posted a super adorable picture of me on Facebook, and wow did my foster Mom’s phone blow up with … hey look at this dog, it looks like one of your dogs, spring him out! I am about a year and ½, 35 pounds in weight and around 19 inches tall.
My favorite thing to do is play with other dogs, I like to spin in a circle and slam them with my cute butt. Taking EVERYONE’s toys and laying on all of them at once is also one of my favorite things to do. My foster Mom works from home, so I am a good boy in my kennel, and I also had a lengthy stay in my kennel while I was undergoing heartworm treatments. I will bark at other dogs who are not kenneled and having a good time with all those super toys that I can’t stockpile while in my kennel, but other than that, I am quiet in my kennel. I love to chew on chew bones and have been known to eat a dog bed or two while I was in my stay. With all this stealing of all the toys I have acquired a new name Billy the Kid. They tell me I am an outlaw, meh I am just collecting them, so they don’t get lost. That is my story, and I am sticking to it.
There is a pool here where I am staying and I love to play in the pool, and then roll in the dirt. Foster Dad has added a new name Hillbilly or Wild Bill Hickok when I am running around the yard like a wild guy. My goal in life is to stay filthy from playing with other dogs and rolling in the dirt. I do wash off in the pool which foster Mom isn’t thrilled with, but she really isn’t too mad at me.
I love kitty cats, but I can play rough, so kitty better be experienced. The kitty here isn’t pleased with my antics and swats me for misbehaving. I love her and want her to run around so I can chase her, then foster Mom gets all out of sorts and tells me to knock it off, and the game soon ends. I am a good boy and stop when she says so, if for some reason I don’t stop, she puts me outside and I would rather be laying at her feet chewing my Nylabone.
I am part Aussie along with Border Collie, so I do like to run into things while spinning with my bootie, if you know an Aussie this is a common behavior when we get super excited. I love other dogs but at the same time I am not timid at all and very confident, if someone starts something I don’t cower down, but also will stop when asked to. I do enjoy a good run along the fence if another dog is doing the same on the other side, but heck who doesn’t love to run wide open with a friend. Wouldn’t you??
I will go kennel as soon as I come in from outside as a default behavior because foster Mom trained me this way and I am very comfortable in my kennel. I will sit anywhere with or without a treat. That is something I am solid as a rock on doing. You ask and I will place my wiggly butt down.
Signed… Looking for love in all the right places,
(Please share my pictures, I am sure my family is out there waiting for me to fill their hearts with love.)


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