Age: 1 year
Sex: Female (Spayed)
Coat: B&W Semi-Rough Coat
Weight: 28 lbs

Charli was purchased from a breeder and then owner surrendered because she was herding chickens a little too roughly. As a puppy, Charli loved other dogs, children, and pretty much anyone who loves her back, though she was afraid of cats. One day, her foster took her to some agility classes just to watch and to help her get socialized and Charli was mesmerized! The trainer noticed Charli watching and figured they could try Charli on the course. Well, she NAILED the whole course the first time through with no training! Turns out she is one of the best natural ability agility dogs the trainer has ever seen. That was the (final) sign her foster needed, and Charli became the foster’s second BCSAVE foster fail!  Yay for fosters who fail at fostering and succeed at adopting!   🙂



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