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Presenting Chief – a lean, keen, lovin’ machine!

An 8-month old, pure-bred border collie, Chief loves to play with toys, his person, and other dogs. He would happily fetch a ball all day long. He eagerly awaits his walks for sniffies and to greet all the dogs and neighbors along the way. Chief shows flashes of real speed and athleticism and will be a great pet for an active household.

An observant and obedient dog, Chief carefully watches all that goes on around him and learns from his foster mom. He has a strong desire to please and follow directions as best as he can. He’s very quick to learn commands and is food motivated.

He’s trusting and bonds quickly, and is an absolute cuddle-bug. Be prepared to lose your personal space on the sofa, as he’ll be smooshed up against you when opportunity presents.

Chief lives well with other friendly, non-dominant dogs in the house. He seeks out solo snuggles with his person every day, so life in a single-doggie household with regular chances to tumble and play with other dogs would work with him, too.

He hasn’t been kid-tested, but likely would be fine with them. He’ll jump on you as a greeting, so that needs training to be eliminated. He shows only friendly interest in cats encountered on his walks. He’s house-trained and doesn’t have accidents as long as his potty-break schedule is followed. He’s crate-trained and walks well on leash. He does get carsick, which seems to be anxiety linked and might improve or go away.

Best of all? Whether you prefer pointy or floppy ears – Chief has one of each!



How do I apply to adopt?

Fill our our Adoption Application at https://bcsave.org/apply/#adopt to apply.

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