Age: 2 yrs old (as of 3/24)
Sex: Male (To be neutered in March)
Coat: Tri-colored rough coat
Weight: 25 lbs
Heartworm status: POSITIVE

Activity Level: Medium-high
Good with Other Dogs: Yes
Good with Cats: Unknown
Good with Children: Unknown

🐾 Coty showed up at a horse trainer’s home in Folsom, Louisiana several weeks back. His rabies tag was for a vet in Livingston, Texas so our rescuer in Louisiana contacted the vet, who tried several times to reach the owner with no response. After lots of sleuthing and more calls, we finally found Coty’s prior owner once removed, who rehomed him in 2023 to another family who we can’t locate. No one wanted to claim Coty, so he became an official rescue pup. Good thing because unfortunately, Coty is heartworm positive and will need to go through treatment.

Around 2 years old and 25 lbs., we think he is a BC/mini-aussie. He has already shown he loves to herd, gathering the finder’s goats up and holding them in the middle of their pasture. When the goats weren’t around, he herded the chickens instead. 😆 Coty is super sweet, loving, adorable, snuggly, full of personality – if not for the heartworms, this pup would be adoptable today!

Coty is currently in Houston and will get neutered there, but may need to move to a foster who can take him through heartworm treatment for the next 4-5 months before he will be available to adopt.



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