Where are our smooth-coat BC lovers? DeeDee is fantastic!

DeeDee and her sister CeeCee were surrendered back in December to our Louisiana rescue partner for not herding. They are supposedly purebred but not registered from working lines.

DeeDee is the older and larger of the two, around 19 months and 30 lbs. DeeDee is a lover of people! Her fave thing is to give hugs, with running a close second. DeeDee is also one of the happiest dogs, doesn’t hold stress (or even know what it is lol) and is definitely more confident about being in the world than her sister, CeeCee.

DeeDee is house/ crate/ leash trained, and has fantastic recall. She’s an active pup and will run all day, but just as easily jumps in your lap for a snuggle. She’s a confident dog but will check in with you as needed when outside. She can be a little pushy – wants to get all the hugs if she can and has no problems cutting in front of the line to do so. She has some toy drive and LOTS of food drive, but show no herd drive at all. She’s great in the car and super-quiet in general – you rarely hear her bark at anything.

DeeDee’s best home is an active one. She’d probably be great at hiking or running with her person. She is quick and light on her feet and doesn’t spook like her sister, so would probably be great at agility or flyball with the proper training.



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