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Dayton is a 52 lb, Border Collie mix out of southern Oklahoma. He had been wandering the streets for several weeks before his rescue angel took him in. She cared for him and got him up to date on all his shots, and then reached out for rescue assistance as she was not going to be able to keep him long term. BCSAVE stepped in and volunteers brought Dayton to us.


Dayton was likely a well-loved house pet prior to being lost or dumped, as he is house-trained and knows some commands. He gets along great with other dogs (though he can be overly enthusiastic upon first meeting them and may jump and bark), loves people and is an all-around great pup. He is currently working on leash and crate training and picking both up very quickly. Dayton has a sweet, lovable, goofy personality and loves kids. He can nip when playing chase, and does like to run the fence and bark at cars and donkeys. He will also pull on leash, especially to go see other dogs and people and will need a firm hand to work with him. He rides great but can be talkative in the car but quiets down if in a covered crate (and he can’t see the cars driving by). Dayton would do great in a house with a yard and maybe some human or fur-friends to play and hang out with.



How do I apply to adopt?

Fill our our Adoption Application at https://bcsave.org/apply/#adopt to apply.

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