Age: 4 yrs old (as of 04/23)
Sex: Male (Neutered)
Coat: Blue merle rough coat
Weight: 45 lbs
Heartworm status: Negative

Activity Level: High
Good with Other Dogs: Yes
Good with Cats: Unknown
Good with Children: Unknown

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Doc joined BCSAVE in May 2020 with several dogs who were living in ETX in pretty bad conditions. The owner was a man who we believe was mentally handicapped and never cared for the dogs. He ended up in the hospital, and the dogs (never vaccinated and pretty feral) were falling prey not only to poor care and each other, but to coyotes.

The rescuer was able to begin to trap pups (with the sister’s permission) and we found ourselves slowing taking in one dog after another. George and Martha were the first we got (about 6 wks old puppies) in May. Mercedes came after, and Butch, the oldest, came with Sundance and Sloane about six weeks later. But while the rescuers were able to get most of the dogs, there were still two left that were too savvy or cunning to get trapped.

The rescuer continued to go out to the property at least 1x week to feed the two last dogs and try to trap them and were having no success. They kept in touch with us, sending us pics from the trail cameras they had put on the property to track the pups. Finally, in desperation, they hired a trapper to come and dart both the pups. Finally, the last two pups arrived loopy, drugged, scared. We named them Wyatt and Doc, after Wyatt Earp and Doc Holliday.

Doc is one of our “project” dogs. He is still very scared of people though he comes in at night to sleep and when it rains. Otherwise, he spends most of his time outside, running and chasing other dogs. A gorgeous blue merle, he does not allow himself to be pet or leashed, though he can be trapped and given shots. He will take treats from your hand, but is definitely intimidated by other more assertive pups. When he comes in at night, he refrains from using the bathroom until he is let back out in the AM (he hasn’t quite gotten the hang of the dog door).

Doc would love to be a farm dog, where he can run the property but come in at night. He would love a pup friend who wasn’t too pushy that would hang outside with him. And with more one on one work, Doc may get more comfortable and eventually allow himself to be pet.



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