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Elsie is one of four Border Collie/ Aussie mixes rescued from the shelter. Nine dogs in total were surrendered from the same owner, and BCSAVE took four (while two other rescues took the rest). All of the dogs were very shy and timid at the shelter, but warmed up once in foster homes.

Elsie is a sweet, mild-mannered pup who is shy at first but loves to snuggle once she gets to know you. Her favorite thing so far is to get on your lap and tuck her head under your chin. She also loves to play with her sisters and brothers, but only gentle play – no rough and tumble for her. She does not like a lot of hubbub and action, and would prefer another mild-mannered, playful pup as her best friend. She likes playing with toys also, and loves a good chew toy but can get a little possessive of it when other dogs are around. She can walk on a leash but needs some work, and will need an adopter who can gently and slowly help build her confidence. She will squeeze through a fence to go chase cattle or donkeys, but comes back pretty readily so a yard to play with good solid fencing is a requirement. She would also probably be good in an apartment or urban setting as long as her new family took their time to introduce her to the big, new world.



How do I apply to adopt?

Fill our our Adoption Application at https://bcsave.org/apply/#adopt to apply.

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