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BCSAVE received word of a pup running loose in Oklahoma. We typically don’t take in strays that have been found, and suggested the finder turn the pup in to the shelter to be scanned for a chip and to give an owner a chance to locate her. We tracked Heidi from the time she went in to when her stray hold was up, and at that point, pulled her into a temporary foster near OKC until we could move her to a more permanent foster home.

Heidi seems to be a young pup, under a year old. She loves people but needs to learn appropriate interactions with other dogs. She plays fine with them but can get worked up and let her enthusiasm get the better of her, jumping in and being overly assertive when she doesn’t need to be. She’s active and loves to run, and has shown some initial toy interest and loves her treats. She can get possessive of toys and bones, though again, we think it’s more lack of experience with other dogs than true resource guarding. She is cat and people friendly, and has not been kid tested but we think she’d be good with kids. She walks on leash, but needs more practice with her house training. She loves to snuggle next to her person and get belly rubs, and may have some potential as a sport dog once she learns house manners. She would be great for an active home with lots of humans or other dogs to play with.



How do I apply to adopt?

Fill our our Adoption Application at https://bcsave.org/apply/#adopt to apply.

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