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Ilsa, a 40 lb, approximately 1.5 year old female likely BC/ Aussie mix pup, was surrendered with littermate Kolby to a local shelter. She probably spent her first several months in a kennel, and as a result, has some behavioral quirks we had to work through with meds and training. But she’s all better now, and a fantastic pup!

Ilsa wants to be your shadow dog – she loves nothing more than to be by you, whether you are outside or inside. She has the sweetest disposition and gets along with all dogs, though sometimes her exuberance can get away from her and she needs to be reined in. She loves water play and will splash around the pond or in a baby pool (and sometimes her water bowl if you don’t watch her), and LOVES toys, especially ones she can tear apart but balls are fun too (still needs work on the return). She also loves to jump on things – chairs, tables, dog houses, so with some training, could probably be a fun agility pup as she is eager to please and loves her treats. She can be a little shy but has done well at the vet with new people and rides great in a crate. She is not crated at home, but should be, especially if you leave the house, because she still has the puppy chewing thing going on and has been known to take out extension cords, phone chargers, the random undergarment, etc…Ilsa is also still working on getting potty-training down 100%. She doesn’t want to go outside without you (she’ll roam and come back), so regular walks and playtime outside with her person are great.

Ilsa does have two missing toes on her front right paw (from birth) and a bit of an abnormal gait. She’s been checked out by several vets who can’t find anything wrong with her, and the hitch in her giddy-up don’t slow her down one bit!

Basically, Ilsa wants to be your one and only. She will stay by your side as long as you let her, gently pawing your arm for attention and snuggling in next to you any chance she gets. Her ideal home is one where she has some structure in her daily routine, a friend to play with, ample time with her person, and lots of love. Want a couch buddy? Ilsa will be your gal. Share your pillow at night? Ilsa’s got ya covered. Look longingly into your eyes, even when you don’t have food? Yep, Ilsa will!



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Fill our our Adoption Application at https://bcsave.org/apply/#adopt to apply.

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