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Jack came into BCSAVE after being surrendered to the shelter for an unfortunate bite incident with a young child. We take bites very seriously but we realize that sometimes a bite is not an aggressive act. After a lengthy discussion with the shelter and detailed information regarding the circumstances around the bite (no one in the family saw what precipitated the bite) plus a thorough assessment of the pup, we decided to give Jack a chance at a second life rather than see him euthanized at this time.

So far, Jack has not shown any aggression towards people or other dogs. He does have some touch sensitivity around his hind quarters and will raise a lip with unknown people (like the vet), but even then he will give a warning. Otherwise, Jack has shown he is a good dog who loves his people and could care less about other dogs. He is also a higher energy dog, and we will be undergoing a sport assessment that will determine how high energy he is once he recuperates fully from his recent neuter. In addition, his assessment is likely to be a longer one to ensure that he is not likely to repeat his bite offense.

Because of his history, Jack will need to be adopted to a family with no children and prior extensive experience with Border Collies.



How do I apply to adopt?

Fill our our Adoption Application at https://bcsave.org/apply/#adopt to apply.

What is the Adoption Process?
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