Jax was pulled from a small shelter in Athens, Texas. Jax is likely a purebred smooth coat BC boy, who is a high energy dog with moderate herding instinct that loves playing with all the other dogs. His current foster says this about Jax:


“Jax is a little shy at first, but he has really opened up and shown himself to be a sweet dog who is happy to follow you around all day!

He is always curious about what you’re doing (and especially how your butt smells). He walks great on a leash, but loves when you give him plenty of room to sniff. He is house trained and loves a regular schedule. He does well left alone to free roam and nap on the couch, especially if you leave him with a tasty chew. He is still getting used to having noisy neighbor dogs, so probably not best with any shared walls. He can be a shy and a bit anxious with strangers and new situations, but is improving each day! He doesn’t mind being brushed and lets you handle paws and check his teeth. Jax is a speedy, long-legged boy that loves to run and chase/herd other dogs. He is also happy to wrestle and horseplay, but does not initiate play until he’s comfortable with a dog. He does well with other dogs in the household, but would probably be okay by himself if he had dog friends to run around with. He has lots of energy to play, but is great at turning it off to snuggle on the couch (especially if he can rest his head on you) or curling up at your feet wherever you are. He loves having something to chew, especially CET chews and elk antlers, but he’s yet to show much interest in Kongs. He has some food drive and shown some interest in crinkle or water bottle toys, but doesn’t care for balls or frisbees. Jax also has an excellent Baby Yoda impression with big ears that stick straight out that you can’t help smiling at. If you’re looking for a charming boy to be your buddy, then Jax is the dog for you!”

Doesn’t this sound like the perfect smooth coat BC for you?



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