Age: 3 mo old (as of 03/24)
Sex: Male (Not neutered yet)
Coat: Black and white smooth coat
Weight: 14 lbs
Heartworm status: Unknown at this time

Activity Level: PUPPY
Good with Other Dogs: Yes
Good with Cats: Questionable
Good with Children: Unknown

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🐾 Kieran, along with sister Lollipop and brother Teagan, were surrendered to a small rural shelter in Louisiana. Mom, Liz, is a possible purebred rough coat and Dad is likely a purebred smooth coat like Kieran.

Kieran is a sweet little thing. He loves his people and really enjoys following them around to see what the next adventure is. He responds very well to training. As far as life with his foster family, the cat and birds are not amused though Kieran is. The cat will only come in to eat and otherwise she’s moved out. Kieran and Teagan chase her when they see her and bark. The birds are not happy but these guys are curious. There was a birdie on the floor moment and Kieran thought the bird was a fun toy to explore and pawed at him. Once he’s away from his brother though, his bravery might be in question. Kieran adores other dogs and a good game of chase and romp.

If adopted before he turns six months old, his adopter will be responsible for getting him neutered before he turns a year old.



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