Age: 9 mo old (as of 04/24)
Sex: Male (Neutered)
Coat: Black and white rough coat
Weight: 49 lbs
Heartworm status: Negative

Activity Level: Medium-high
Good with Other Dogs: Yes
Good with Cats: Not recommended
Good with Children: Yes

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🐾 Kint is an approximately 9 month old BC puppy who came from the Fort Worth shelter. He had a distal femoral physeal fracture that is probably 4-6 weeks old. What is this? It is a fracture of the growth plate at the bottom of the femur🦵 and is common in puppies under a year old. Typically, immediate surgery is necessary for a successful outcome (keeping the leg).

Back story is Kint was found limping in the Fort Worth area. The finder was able to locate an owner, who said his grandson had caused the injury and gave the finder permission to take the dog. Finder took dog to an emergency vet, who made an initial finding of leg trauma but finder couldn’t keep the dog so advised several rescues (including ours) he was taking the pup to the shelter. Once we knew he was there, we were able to bring him into the rescue.

Not only did Kint have a fracture, but he tested positive for parvovirus shortly after joining BCSAVE. After an extended stint with the vet, Kint 1) recovered from parvo and 2) was able to have his surgery to repair (and *not* amputate) his leg.

Kint has currently been released from all restrictions and is a happy, healthy puppy!

He’s super smart, and is really picking things up very quickly. Sit, shake, leave it (he struggles a bit with that one, but he knows what it means). He fetches for a few minutes, but is easily distracted (squirrels, a moving leaf etc…) but shows interest. He adores sticks, which unfortunately he wants to eat, so his foster has to take them away. He’s walking pretty good on the leash, although his enthusiasm gets the better of him at times, and he makes hard turns and his turn signals don’t work very well. 😃 His mouthiness is much better than it was when his foster first got him. He had one accident in the house within the first week, but nothing since. Since he has been to the vet, and is now off leash in the house, he’s been asking to go out back. His foster says she thinks he could be trained to ring a bell, if he didn’t want to eat it. He wants to eat almost everything!

He will be a great addition to a family with no cats, as his prey drive is over the top. He does well with other dogs, and is learning how to take their cues.



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