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Kolby is a 7 month old, BC mix boy who is still a puppy, learning the ropes. He is extremely affectionate and wants to be close to his person all the time. He likes to pretend he is a lap dog and jump up into your lap while sitting at the couch. He plays well with other dogs and even enjoys playing with his foster cat friend – chase is his favorite game but not aggressively.

He does still need some basic house manners and work. He is slow to trust anyone and will only go outside with his person. He is still very much afraid of going outside and going through doorways though, and will go through the doggy door with treats but is not yet going outside willingly or unenticed. However, once he’s outside he does his thing just fine…it’s just getting him outside is the problem.

He is still also very skittish. Loud/sudden/unknown noises and sudden, sharp movements will scare him. He is nervous around younger, smaller kids, so would probably be better in a home with older kids. He also still needs leash training. He does go into his crate very easily and could be crate trained for sleeping but currently sleeps free and does really well overnight and has no accidents. A sweet, cuddly boy, after he is potty trained, gains confidence and is better on leash he will be an amazing family pet.





How do I apply to adopt?

Fill our our Adoption Application at https://bcsave.org/apply/#adopt to apply.

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