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Kylo is a 43 lb, 1 year old BC boy who joins us from Central Texas. He was owner surrendered to the shelter for euthanasia by a foster for a rescue based out of Wisconsin. It seems that Kylo was surrendered to the WI rescue by his original owner who got him as a puppy and as he got older, turned into a young, hyper dog with no manners. He lived outside, and after going to rescue, also had an unfortunate experience at his first foster. When he was moved to a new foster, the second foster was sent to pick him up, found him unleashable and extremely fearful. On the car ride to the new foster’s house, Kylo escaped from his harness and when the foster went to try and secure him, he bit her arm, not breaking skin or drawing blood. She chalked it up to his fear and the new situation, but after she got him to her house, several days later, he had bit her after being offered a treat and drew blood this time. The bite, though minor, resulted in Kylo being impounded and quarantined for 10 days. The shelter advised that they witnessed hyper and mouthy behavior, but no aggressive behavior, and that Kylo stopped when corrected and was redirected easily. He was not adoptable due to his bite history but they felt that with the right training and guidance, he could overcome his bad behaviors and be a great dog so reached out to us and other rescues for help.
BCSAVE assessed the pup and our assessment was in line with the shelter. Kylo is a young pup who needs structure and rules, and needs to learn good from bad behaviors. He plays appropriately with other dogs and is a confident pup who will warn you if he is getting outside of his comfort zone. He rides extremely well in a crate and a car, with no anxiety, barking, herding oncoming cars, or drooling. He will require a lot of leash work – he will tug, kick, pull, and thrash around. Basically, Kylo is an untrained puppy who has never been told what the right way to behave is but takes correction. We think Kylo will be a very fast learner and great pup in the right home and will be looking for an experienced BC owner with no children under 13 (at a minimum).


How do I apply to adopt?

Fill our our Adoption Application at https://bcsave.org/apply/#adopt to apply.

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