🐾 Lollipop, along with her brothers Kieran and Teagan, were surrendered to a small rural shelter in Louisiana. Mom, Liz, is a possible purebred rough coat and Dad is likely a purebred smooth coat.

Lollipop is a really nice puppy. She loves her humans and likes to cuddle. In true border collie style, she follows her foster everywhere and wants to be with them and has adapted well to their routine. She is a VERY confident and brave puppy and her foster thinks she will run the household as an adult. 🤣 Her foster keeps introducing things like hair dryer, vacuum, slamming doors, trimming her toenails, walking on leash around the house and our yard and nothing fazes her. The only negative is that she still screams for a few minutes after going in the crate. She also wakes up at 1:30am and 5:00am to potty to leash her up, take her out and she always potties right away. Then back in her crate and she screams for 3-5 minutes before going back to sleep. She still loves her nosework and is a natural. She has started clicker training and she thinks that’s fun. She is finally starting some “sport ” stuff – tugging and fetching a ball and she is very food motivated. We don’t think she is national competitor level as she doesn’t have that crazy intense focus, but she would be a fun partner for someone who would like to start dog sports or just dabble. She is smart and picks up quickly on patterns.

We think Lollipop would do best in an active pet home or a recreational sport home. She will make someone very happy. 😃

She has not been spayed yet but if adopted before she turns six months old, her adopter will be responsible for spaying her before she turns a year old.



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