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Lucy is a 1.5 year old Border Collie who weighs about 30 pounds. One of the Tennessee hoarder/ puppy mill dogs, she and her littermates were essentially feral dogs who had never been socialized or cared for properly. ALL of the pups were extremely unsocialized, very fearful of people, and heartworm positive. Their lives until rescue were spent crowded in outdoor cages with little access to  people, regular care or vetting. Some were so matted they had to be shaved.

Lucy has  come a long way from when she was rescued. She’s continuing to gain confidence and will need a patient and kind adopter to help her continue to reach her full potential, and she strongly prefers women to men. She is a moderately active pup. Lucy loves to run with her dog-siblings and a favorite pastime is to bring the large tennis balls from the yard and store them in her crate (she could be on a dog version of “Hoarders”). She is also happy to relax in her crate and does well with dogs, cats and chickens, but isn’t the biggest fan of pushy or over-exuberant dogs. A calm, confident companion would be best. She is housetrained to use puppy pads and go outside. She walks well on a leash but still isn’t too sure about the big ole world out there. She isn’t a fan of strangers so a place where there isn’t much coming and going would make her the happiest. Lucy is also a destroyer of all things soft and snuggly, so will need to work on this as well.

Lucy’s ideal home would be:
👉 Kid-free
👉 Quiet household with a female in it
👉 With a calm, chill dog friend
👉 A patient person who has plenty of time to dedicate to her


How do I apply to adopt?

Fill our our Adoption Application at https://bcsave.org/apply/#adopt to apply.

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