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Bogey is a 41 lb., red merle (likely) Border Collie/ Australian Shepherd mix who was picked up as a stray in South Parker County. The shelter was over capacity, so we pulled him into BCSAVE. He is an active, friendly pup who has never met a stranger. He does well with other dogs, but he can be a little pushy in his play style and overwhelm smaller dogs so we’d recommend another larger, taller playful pup who can correct Bogey without getting too aggressive about it. Think barky, bouncy and boisterous – while Bogey has the body structure of a Border Collie (longer and leaner), he has many of the personality traits and temperament of an Aussie – a little bit of “wheeeeeee!” driving a lot of Bogey’s decisions. He is estimated at 4 years old at the shelter, but we would not be surprised if he is under 2 years of age based on his behavior.

Additionally, Bogey is house/ crate/ leash trained. He does best in a crate with something to chew (hoof, bone, etc…) and should be crated if left alone as he still is learning house manners. He *will* counter-surf and with his long legs, can reach to the back of counters and has even managed to jump on a stove or two to taste test the hoomans’ dinner entrees. He is not very resource guardy unless it is something very high value, but otherwise, shares toys and the such pretty readily. He would probably be great with older kids who could withstand his bounciness; he is likely to get excited and run/ nip/ bump smaller kids while playing.

Bogey also likes to snuggle and will find his way onto your lap if you turn your head (or not) though he’s not a needy or attention seeking dog. He is still working on his recall also (that’s that “wheeeee” mentality again) and knows how *not* to hear you if he doesn’t want to do something. Someone might have been a little heavy handed with him as he will shy and duck away if you reach for his collar. He loves treats but doesn’t have much drive for toys or balls yet but is starting to enjoy them. We do not know how he would be with cats, but he does like the chase game and is kind of like the annoying little sibling saying “I’m not touching you, I’m not touching you” while following you around the house and standing less than an inch from your personal space.

Otherwise, Bogey is a great, fun, happy pup who needs an active home to keep him entertained and occupied but can also inject a little bit of structure into his life.





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Fill our our Adoption Application at https://bcsave.org/apply/#adopt to apply.

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