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Mac joined us with several littermates from West Texas, surrendered by owners from what may have been an accidental litter. All of the pups have been great dogs, well-adjusted, social, and very friendly with new people and dogs.

Mac is such a nice dog who is really into his handler but not necessarily other people unless they have good, high value cookies. He has a great touch game recall and loves to play it. He has been exposed to a number of different sizes and types of dogs and gets along well with them and takes corrections from them well which is good, since he usually wants to play harder than they do. He has learned to respect the two small dogs he fosters with and while not really grasping that they want their space and not a tongue bath and him in their face, he puts up well with one of them telling him where to go and how to get there. With that being said, putting him in a home with smaller dogs might not be ideal. He does try and herd the cats. Putting him in a home with cats may be possible but unless the adopter understands their responsibility to the cat and how to manage the dog, it is a point for potential failure. Mac is also a dog that loves his time in your lap and his snuggles.

Mac knows how to walk well on a leash, sit in various environments and locales, has a reasonable down, and has started working on a crawl. He kennels well and is quiet in his kennel. His recalls are pretty solid, and like all puppies just needs more distraction work. He travels well and has been road-tripping with his foster and her personal pups. He does still jump on his person, though he is working on this and if his excitement level gets too high, he can be difficult to control and when this happens he wants to snap and nip at anything he can reach, like an arm, leg, or face. His foster is working on “settle” to manage his response. He is also a little noise reactive to any thing that is not normal speech, such as coughing, or singing, so he’ll need someone who can continue to work with him on this.

He has not been kid-tested but will likely not do well with young kids because of his behaviors. He loves toys and would make a great agility dog, scent work or search and rescue dog possibly, or just a wonderful active companion.





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Fill our our Adoption Application at https://bcsave.org/apply/#adopt to apply.

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