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Merlin is a year old BC boy who was surrendered to BCSAVE when his owner was not able to give him the time and training he needs. Merlin has been under both a sport assessment for his high toy drive and a medical observation for the last several months for eating a bottle of pain medicine.

SPORT – Merlin shows a lot of drive and promise for the disc. He can be easily distracted by other dogs, but would do great with a focused handler who can spend some time teaching him the right habits. He is both toy and food motivated, and loves water so could likely transition to dock diving very easily. He can get a little pushy with other dogs, but more rough play than anything else.

MEDICAL – Merlin ate an entire (!) bottle of Carprofen several months ago. He was placed under in-house vet care for several days to rid his body of the medicine, then under vet observation over the last several months. His blood has been tested numerous times and at this time, Merlin has great numbers and a clean bill of health. If he ever needs pain medicines (Carprofen, Rimadyl) in the future, it will need to be with close supervision and under vet care.

Overall, Merlin is a great pup who loves other dogs and people. He has matured into a fantastic dog who will make a great casual or maybe even competitive sport dog (with the right training). Merlin is a bit of a baby when it comes to grooming and bathing, but can be managed. He is a VERY high energy dog and will need regular exercise (mental and physical), lots of room to run, and things to keep him occupied when you are not around. He will NOT be good in an apartment; Merlin will do best in a home where he has access to a large yard all day if he wants to burn off energy, and lots of time spent running, playing, swimming, wrestling, and probably another dog buddy to do all things dog with him.



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Fill our our Adoption Application at https://bcsave.org/apply/#adopt to apply.

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