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Mia, mom to Rori and Cosmo, is coming back to BCSAVE. A sweet, slightly timid approximately 2-3 yr old (likely) purebred BC, Mia has discovered a taste for live chickens and has decimated her adoptive family’s flock after living peacefully with them for the last six months.

Mia is a loving, friendly girl who loves her people, especially the little hoomans in her home. 2-3 yrs old, she is about 24 lbs and a moderately active pup. She prefers to be outside (rather than inside) and when inside, is not so fond of her crate. She does not walk well on a leash, but outside, but will stay super close to you and will not stray far from her people. However, she is a little timid and sensitive and will hide if she thinks she’s in trouble, as well as run if you talk to loud around or at her.

She loves attention and is VERY gentle about it. She will belly crawl to little humans and roll onto her back for belly rubs, and assumes this position frequently when making new friends. And not only does she love people of all sizes, she also gets along fabulously with all other dogs.

Mia is such a sweet and loving little girl and will make a fantastic family pet.



How do I apply to adopt?

Fill our our Adoption Application at https://bcsave.org/apply/#adopt to apply.

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