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Mojo is a 65 lb, 1 year old Border Collie/ Aussie mix. He is being surrendered because his owner can no longer care for him the way he needs to be. Mojo is dog friendly and crate and house trained but if he’s left to his own devices will shred paper and eat your socks. He has also realized he can swipe goodies from your countertop. We do not know how Mojo is with cats, but he has pretty high prey drive so we would not recommend a household with cats.

Mojo is kennel reactive with other dogs, but friendly with every dog he’s met once he’s out of the kennel. He’s very nervous in general and takes a few days to warm up to a new household. If he’s nervous, he prefers to just try to walk away (if it’s somewhere in the house). He is also pretty sensitive to loud noises, like a pan getting dropped or thunder. However, once he warms up to you, He LOVES to cuddle.

Mojo was attending doggy day care and the majority of the time, he had good days but over the last few weeks he had been put in timeout for “annoying” other dogs. It seems like Mojo was becoming the “Fun Police” and barking in other dog’s faces and stopping them from playing. His current foster says Mojo knows sit, down, paw, and walks very well on a leash. We would say he’s low – medium energy – he likes to go chase a ball but is also pretty content to just hang out on the couch too.

Mojo likes toys and car rides and has allergies and requires Apoquel on a daily basis (or a Cytopoint shot).





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Fill our our Adoption Application at https://bcsave.org/apply/#adopt to apply.

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