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Okie is a high energy, bouncy, playful pup who has never met a stranger (dog or human). We think she’s about a year to two years old or so and possibly purebred, though we don’t know for sure. She was found in Oklahoma at a rest stop by some rescue angel, who tried to no avail to locate an owner before they reached out to us for assistance.
Okie is a very high energy pup who loves to run and play with the other dogs. She does play rough – wrestling and chasing and nipping and biting so any playmates will need to be able to keep up with her or be able to teach her proper play etiquette. She likes people but her first love is play, so don’t expect her to snuggle and cuddle with you. She is working on her crate training and house training, and is doing well; she also does not seem to have any issues with the leash but will likely need some practice on leash also. She is also very talkative and because of that and her energy level, will be placed in a home with a yard and some separation from neighbors who don’t want to hear a barking dog. She will also need an active family – hiking, running, lots of play time and mental stimulation as well – this is not a dog you want to get bored alone. She has not shown much toy drive but she does like her food, so may be trainable for agility or obedience as she is smart and picks things up quickly.


How do I apply to adopt?

Fill our our Adoption Application at https://bcsave.org/apply/#adopt to apply.

What is the Adoption Process?
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