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Olivia is one of five female puppies in the Luck of the Irish litter. They were surrendered with Kelly, a 27 lb BC mix (maybe Kelpie?). Aged at approximately 8 weeks old as of the end of January, we have no idea what the father of the puppies could be.

Olivia is the most shy and submissive of the litter but is very playful, cuddly and smart. She is also able to go long stretches in the house without having an accident, looking around and whining when she needs to “go”. She loves toys and wrestling with her sisters. 

The entire litter wins the congenial award! They are NEVER aggressive toward each other, any other of our pets or humans. A quieter bunch, they are all healthy, fast, athletic, smart and sensitive. They want so much to be loved on and given attention.  When their mom “told” them she’s done nursing, they listened and learned right away and didn’t chase and pursue her.  They all share their food politely and respect the different personalities and tolerances of puppies in our busy household full of cats and dogs. They do retreat to their space when there is a loud noise or our dogs all bark loudly all of a sudden.

They are darling like little kids.  Give them a box and they’ll jump in and out, play king of the hill, put their toys in it, all pile in it, flop around and flip in it and maybe pass out in it when they are done.  They play longer and harder than any other rescue puppies the fosters have had, but are not demanding in any way – they just go with the flow and have “party ‘til you drop” happy, well-adjusted demeanors. There is honestly not a bad pick in the bunch! 





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