Age: 10 mo old (as of 03/24)
Sex: Male (Not yet neutered)
Coat: White and black rough coat
Weight: 31 lbs
Heartworm status: Unknown

Activity Level: HIGH
Good with Other Dogs: Reactive to new dogs; can be introduced and acclimate
Good with Cats: Unknown
Good with Children: Unknown but NOT likely

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🐾 Petie (10 mo, 31 lbs., purebred) has been doing great with his assessment foster, and he has now been okay-ed to move to a new foster or foster to adopt home. And before you get all googly-eyed and say “ME-ME-ME!!!” over this gorgeous pup, you need to know the following:

👉 Was not properly socialized at all so has reactivity to new dogs – this can be improved with patience and training
👉 Can initially be reactive to new people, but this has already improved dramatically and can also continue to improve with proper training
👉 Does NOT like the crate – will scream all night long if crated at home. Does fine in a crate in the car
👉 HIGH energy and lots of ball/ disc drive – could be a sport dog but MUST be able to train out his reactivity
👉 Still a puppy and herdy and hyper and nippy – NO KIDS
👉 Can be leashed and is house-trained but is a bit of a wild child at times
👉 Not yet neutered but planning on it soon
👉 Can be with other dogs but proper introductions are necessary and right now, not good with other intact males
👉 New home MUST be experienced with high-energy, high-drive Border Collies with reactivity and trust issues

Petie will make someone a fantastic pup, BUT he needs a lot of patience and work to get there since he wasn’t brought up in the best way for a high-drive BC boy.



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