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Pixel was found as a stray in the San Marcos area, and is estimated to be a little bit over a year old and around 50 lbs. He’s friendly with everyone, and likes to be cuddly if you let him. Being a young pup, he’s high energy. He’d be happy playing all the time, but he still takes long naps during the day.

Pixel is very food motivated. He’s not a fan of playing fetch, but some toys will get him excited. He knows some commands like sit, shake, and down. He’s still working on his crate training, as well as learning how to walk on a leash and his off leash recall abilities. He’s house trained, but he still has occasional accidents when he gets too excited.Pixel might not be good with small children, since he can get a little bit rowdy (never aggressive, he just doesn’t understand how big he is). He has interacted with plenty of dogs including some grumpy ones that didn’t want to play (Pixel knows how to take a hint). He would do great in a home with older children and a yard where he can go crazy with his zoomies. If you’re looking for a very affectionate dog, Pixel’s a great choice!





How do I apply to adopt?

Fill our our Adoption Application at https://bcsave.org/apply/#adopt to apply.

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