🐾 Poppie was saved by a rescue angel who saw her when she was being sold in a parking lot. For $15, our angel grabbed Poppie, took her home, and reached out to us. Of course we agreed to sponsor Poppie since the angel was going to foster her!

Poppie is just a Heinz 57 baby – about 8 weeks old and 8 lbs. Mom is a mix (maybe BC/ Heeler?) and was originally found as a stray; dad is unknown. (Side note – rescue angel is helping the family get mom spayed so no more “ooops” litters in the future.) Poppie currently lives with another dog and cats.

Poppie loves to play, go on little walks, chase after the ball (she brings it back a lot too), play with other dogs, cuddle, and doesn’t really turn off until she’s worn out (so no cuddles until she’s TIRED).

She is still working on house training and not biting people (she’s mouthy as usual for a puppy). She will hide to potty if it’s been a bit and her foster is not supervising her but rarely has accidents cause her foster is diligent. She takes naps throughout the day and sleeps in crate overnight without crying. She also does well in car rides. Poppie is shy with new people but quickly gets over it and then once she does, she LOVES people!

She has precious puppy breath and gives kisses and is a wiggle butt and so adorable and sweet and smart. She is not super food motivated but growing an appetite for food (she loves wet food – is meh about dry, will only eat when hungry and picks at her food sometimes). Her foster takes her to work daily so she’s meeting lots of people and dogs.



How do I apply to adopt?

Fill our our Adoption Application at https://bcsave.org/apply/#adopt to apply.

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