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Pride is a 8 month old BC mix puppy who was owner surrendered due to a change in home situation. He is currently undergoing a sport assessment to determine if he has any serious propensity for disc or other dog sports.

So far, his sport foster says he is a super easy puppy. Very mellow and sleeps through the night in the crate. He wrestles with the other dogs for an hour or two and then crashes and naps under my feet for another hour or two. He is very appropriate with other dogs, as far as reading their body language and submitting when needed.

With people, he is super sweet and loving. He is very handler oriented. He knows his human and has a great recall. He wants to be with his human (which is whatever human that is around that he knows more.) He has had his first toy play session, and he was great. He learned how to tug and how much fun it is very quickly, and even chased a disc roller. He’s a very derpy puppy at this point, but a lot of that is his age. He is working on clicker training and shaping and “learning how to learn.” He is a quick learner and is totally house-trained.

The good:
Crates quietly, even at work with lots of other people and dogs in and out
Sleeps through the night (currently sleeps in his crate)
Loves all people and other dogs
Good with cats
Has a good off switch in the house (after appropriate exercise.)
Completely housetrained
Easily entertained by chewies
Very handler/owner oriented
High endurance

The not so good:
Barky while playing with other dogs
Will bark at other dogs while on a walk, and gets over aroused/crazy. He wants to play, but his bark is deep and sounds aggressive to other dogs and owners. (We are working on this)
Gets car sick (but this is improving!)
Has very little impulse control (also working on this)



How do I apply to adopt?

Fill our our Adoption Application at https://bcsave.org/apply/#adopt to apply.

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