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Quinn is an honorary BCSAVE’rrr, as he was a last minute save from the Weatherford/ Parker County shelter. Our friends there told us that he was TERRIFIED since being surrendered. Scared dogs in the shelter are never a good thing (especially owner surrenders) so we went to check him out. Poor pup had FOUR different food bowls in his kennel and hadn’t touched a one. He cowered in the back but once we got a leash on him and took him out, he opened up immediately. Problem? He has no tail and we typically don’t pull pups with no tail as that is more of an Aussie trait. (Yes, we know that some BCs are tailless and some Aussies have tails but we have to put SOME rules in place or some of our board members would be rescuing all manner of dogs left and right lol…). ..We decided to pull him out if for no other reason than to get him out of the shelter and into a better situation. We often transfer pups to other rescues and thought we’d reach out about this guy but after we got him and saw JUST HOW STINKIN’ ADORABLE HE IS, we decided to make him an official BCSAVE’rrr!


Quinn is a red prick-eared Aussie who weighs about 32 lbs. He is sweet and loves to snuggle and tuck his face into your neck. He is moderately active, loving a good game of fetch with his favorite ball, but he does have the ability to relax by your feet inside. If you leave, he does have a touch of separation anxiety but can be left in a bedroom or a crate. He may scratch at the door for just a few minutes, and he will definitely bark and let you know he doesn’t want you to leave, but he eventually settles in and doesn’t cause any more trouble. He is also slightly yappy at times (he *is* an Aussie), is fine with other dogs though he cares more about his person, and should not be left alone with chickens. Quinn should be good in an suburban environment, as long as your neighbors don’t mind a little barking and you give him plenty of attention when you get home.


How do I apply to adopt?

Fill our our Adoption Application at https://bcsave.org/apply/#adopt to apply.

What is the Adoption Process?
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