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Age: <1 Years
Sex: Male (Neutered)
Coat: Black and white Rough Coat
Weight: 64 lbs

Radar was a big galoot of a dog, who was rescued in E. TX by a group of private rescuers who reached out to us for assistance.  Radar looked like a BC/ Shepherd mix, with the markings of a Border Collie but the size and shape of a Shepherd. At nine months, Radar was already 64 lbs! But even though he was bigger than a lot of our other pups, Radar was all softy at heart. He got along with all other dogs big and small, and loved splashing in the water, be it a baby pool or a lake. He was an awesome snuggler and caught the eye of a family in New York, who thought he sounded like the perfect dog for them. After three days on the road, where he won the hearts of all that he met, he joined his new FURever family in NY, which included two hooman brothers and a cat!



How do I apply to adopt?

Fill our our Adoption Application at https://bcsave.org/apply/#adopt to apply.

What is the Adoption Process?
Where can I learn more about this dog?