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Reese is a 4-5 month old (as of July 2020) Border Collie mix, coming to BCSAVE by way of the San Marcos Animal Shelter, where she was picked up as a stray. She is a medium to highly active, intelligent dog that likes to learn, please, love and work. A cuddly fluffball of joyful energy, she demonstrates basic obedience, bathroom, and house manners consistent with her age. She is very in tune with her humans and vigilant of her surroundings. She has a loving and jubilant personality but can sometimes be skittish around new people and things consistent with a young puppy discovering the world. As a puppy, everything goes in her mouth right now! She can be a bit bossy – she bites, nips, tugs, and has a sassy puppy bark – not conducive with small children and adults unwilling to properly work through this puppy stage. She is starting to play a little fetch but mostly likes to tug and is SUPER food motivated! She likes water and has a puppy playful curiosity with cats. Normal puppy stranger danger looking out the window or in the yard, and will bark or run off. Her recall also needs lots of work – will chase and say hi to any runner, walker, biker… really any human passing.


Despite her age, Reese has an excellent off switch and is capable of napping while watching TV or working all day in the office provided she is in a crate. You can find her entertaining herself with a bone but more often than not, she just likes to lay by her human. Occasionally she will pounce on you or tug at your shoelaces if she’s not getting enough attention. Sometimes she can exhibit some very mild puppy jealously over human attention but has shown no sign of resource guarding toys/food and has no leash or fence aggression. More often then not, a neighbor dog along the fence will spook her back into the house. During mealtime you can poke, pull, and play with her food without any reaction. Reese is mostly house broken but will need a consistent feeding, exercise, sleep, and meal schedule to keep this going. She rides great while crated in a car and does well sleeping in a crate at night. Her in house manners are good, she will not jump on couches or beds. She enjoys her dog bed and only plays/chews on things she knows are hers.


Reese will do very well in a family home with kids old enough to understand how to interact with a puppy and/or a second active and playful dog. Since she is so young and not spayed yet, she will be adopted with a spay contract with a dew claw removal provision (her rear dew claws need to be removed).



How do I apply to adopt?

Fill our our Adoption Application at https://bcsave.org/apply/#adopt to apply.

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