River was found on private property around the College Station area. Not chipped and no owner found, the finder kept her in hopes of helping her find a new family. They were not successful, so reached out to BCSAVE for help.

When we met River, she was a little shy at first but very friendly. What we’ve found since River joined the rescue is that she is super-sweet, always wanting to be pet and loved, even by strangers. She is great with little kids and dog friendly, but she would prefer to stay with people rather than other dogs. But before people and pets, River’s first love is FETCH! She will play fetch all day, but does have an off-switch if and when you say stop.

Now River does have some quirks – she has not yet mastered going up stairs, preferring to stay downstairs until you return. And once you do, she always stay very close to her people, following you everywhere. She’s not needy though, and is fine just sleeping at your feet while you work from home.

Her original owner kept outside, so she was not used to being inside all day and was not housebroken. She has since mastered potty-training, and has not had any accidents at home since day 2. She does occasionally pee a little when super excited, but the more she gets comfortable in a new situation, the better she is. She can be left out by herself alone, and sleeps in a crate at night.

River is a very submissive dog and very easy to be scared, especially by loud sounds like the thunder or other dog’s bark. She is also so sweet and smart, and she learns and adapts to new things super fast. She also gets sick on long road trips, but this may improve with time and practice.



How do I apply to adopt?

Fill our our Adoption Application at https://bcsave.org/apply/#adopt to apply.

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