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See is a 3-4 month old, likely BC mix (maybe terrier?). He joined us from the Austin Animal Center with his (maybe) littermate, Artoo. Short for C3PO, named because we thought he’d be joining us on the 4th of May (“May the 4th Be with You” for those in the know), See is fun little pup who likes to play with toys and his sister, Artoo but is not super hyper about it. He is shy at first but will warm up to you and stay by your side as you watch YouTube or take mini power naps during the day. He is also playful and likes to communicate through various ‘squeaks’, and is also wicked smart and observant/curious about the world. So far, he has learned his name, ‘sit’, and ‘down’. He is not quite house trained yet but he’s getting there. He loves to play and be around humans and especially Artoo. He is good with playing with Artoo and their toys, and tiring themselves out.

He has separation anxiety but he is a puppy and is trainable especially since he is food motivated. He is calmer in the crate with Artoo and will sleep through the night with her. He can walk on leash but will pull and choke himself, it’s best to use a harness to prevent this. He takes after the terrier side more in his looks and size so far, though so far he doesn’t seem to have a lot of terrier traits. He does get a little pushed around by his bigger sister, Artoo, who tries to eat his food and take his toys on occasion, but he never reacts back. Neither Artoo and See are bothered by thunderstorm or other loud noises. He will do great with any family as long as you take the time to train him. He’s very friendly and social and gets along great with other dogs. As a puppy, his energy level is difficult to ascertain; we think he’ll be a moderate or medium-high energy level pet – great for a family who’s willing to give him some exercise (physically and mentally) to keep him engaged.

He is not neutered yet and will be adopted with a neuter contract (his adopter will be responsible for getting him spayed before he is a year old).


How do I apply to adopt?

Fill our our Adoption Application at https://bcsave.org/apply/#adopt to apply.

What is the Adoption Process?
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