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Sloane joined BCSAVE back in June 2020, with Butch and Sundance. These three pups were all rescued from a very bad living situation, and followed Mercedes, George and Martha, who were all saved from the same location. Sloane arrived at BCSAVE basically feral – never socialized with people or other dogs besides the ones she lived with, forced to tussle for food when it was thrown out to them, and living outside in all weather conditions. In addition, after she was trapped, we discovered she was VERY leash reactive (never having worn one before). While we are not sure of Sloane’s exact lineage, there were several Border Collie looking pups on the property and we fully expect that Sloane is a BC mix (maybe heeler or other cattle dog). She has a short, sleek coat and is thicker than a typical BC. She has also been through fast kill heartworm treatment, completing her last round of injections in late 2020.

She (along with the other feral pups) went to our staging foster where there is room to allow a dog to socialize at their own pace. Since then, Sloane has come around 1000%! She is playing with other dogs, is very food motivated, and comes up (albeit still hesitantly) for pets. She is getting more and more friendly, and has the cutest habit of hopping when she gets excited. She is showing a little interest in toys now, and and loves to play tug of war with other dogs. Sloane will be a bit of a project dog but we know that she will make a family a very happy pup!



How do I apply to adopt?

Fill our our Adoption Application at https://bcsave.org/apply/#adopt to apply.

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