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She is an approximately 6 yr old BC (Spaniel?) mix with two personalities. Indoors or in a fenced yard, she is extremely well trained, listens to commands and is house-trained. Outdoors, she is reactive and will not recall or focus, and herds and nips.

The good:
– Low energy except for when people pass by a window
– Very loving
– Sits, lays down, shakes, and comes on command
– Ignores cats inside
– Good with kids
– Protective of her home and any household babies (could also be bad).

The not-so-good:
– Will not ask for food, water or to go outside. Her human must remember her routine
– Needs to be slowly introduced to new people
– Anxiety in new areas, around new dogs, or around new people.
– Dog selective – needs careful introductions and NO dog parks

– Squirrels!
– Running in open fields!
– Car rides
– Barking at passers by
– Digging
– Real Bones
– Squeaky toys
– Walks that involve her being allowed to sniff everything in sight
– Treats (the fancier ones)
– Playing with dogs she has bonded with

Ushi would be best in a home with another tolerant, larger dog(s) she can bond and play with, a secure fence and little risk of open doors.



How do I apply to adopt?

Fill our our Adoption Application at https://bcsave.org/apply/#adopt to apply.

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