🐾 Carter is one of FOURTEEN dogs pulled from a hoarding case in Mississippi, where they all lived in an apartment together and after discovery, were subsequently surrendered to different shelters in MS. All fourteen dogs were severely underweight, probably in-bred, had urine-stained fur, and soft paws from never having been outside. Luckily, none of them were heartworm positive. Many were very timid upon rescue and NONE of them were house-trained, but all have shown themselves to be very sweet and loving dogs and good with other pups. Six went to our rescue friends at Border Collie Rescue and Rehab, while eight stayed with BCSAVE.

Carter is approximately 3 years old and 33 lbs. He’s an active pup who has discovered a love of all things toy, and has been known to hoard them in his kennel. He doesn’t bark (yet) and is almost fully house and crate-trained. He is easy-going and friendly and would make a great family pet for someone looking for an adult pup who has some toy drive but can easily settle in the house with a bone or treat.


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