Cowboy is one of three 9-10 week old BC mix puppies that were found in a box in Odessa. The finder couldn’t keep the puppies, so reached out to BCSAVE for help. They have had their second round of shots, and so far, these puppies are fun, sporty, active, bouncy, and happy little pups! Cowboy loves to wrestle and play and run. He is sassy and sweet at the same time, and the first to defend against any wayward stick, rock, or door stopper that gets in his way.

While we can never be sure, these pups look to be pretty close to purebred BCs. These bundles of love are going to be pretty energetic, active pups who would benefit from active family homes that are going to be able to give them both the mental and physical stimulation they need to reach their full potential!


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